The process is divided into 4 stages and you can contact us via Phone, Whatsapp or E-Mail during this period.

The prices given in the website are thumb rule figures provided in order for you to verify whether our services suit your budget. You are then expected to contact us with the drawings in order that we may give you a quotation of the actual price of the project. It is guaranteed that the quoted price will be less than the thumb rule figure because as per our calculations we do not charge full rates for certain areas like balconies and stairwell and no rates for cutouts. Furthermore, discounts will also be offered for larger areas.


Once the quoted price is acceptable to you and you are interested in hiring our services, an initial payment of 10% of the quoted price must be made. Upon receipt of the same, a low-quality video of the preliminary model without any furnishing will then be sent to you for clarification of structural correctness and revision if any, within 2 – 3 days.  On verification, if you find that any changes are required, it will be done at this point and will be resend to you. This may also take 2-3 days for large corrections and earlier than that for small corrections. 


Along with your confirmation of the correctness of the preliminary model, you have to make another  40% of the quoted price and you will receive medium quality 360-degree videos of the ​bare and unrendered but design wise completed project, within 2 – 3 days. Minor adjustments are still possible at this stage, but deliveries may take longer. 


Upon your satisfactory confirmation of the Model Stage and receipt of the remaining 50% payment of the quoted price, the final high-quality stills, walkthrough videos and 3D navigable model (based on the service opted for) will be sent to you within 48 hours if there are no modification requests.
Modifications are still possible after this stage, but at an additional cost of 10% of the quoted price.



Payments are to be made in the name of Thomas Easaw Limited in the payment link which will be emailed to you at the 'Price Confirmation Stage'.